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"Two years ago my life came to a crashing downfall. I was filled with pain, guilt, and confusion of the things that had occurred in my life . A friend recommended that I seek out a therapist to help me during this time. I was very resistant- I never would have consider "ME" the type to sit on a couch and discuss my life's issues. Nevertheless, I did and I found Jamie. Honestly the pain was so piercing that I didn't care what Jamie had to say. I sat on the couch week after week, in a complete daze; sometimes, even being very antagonistic to Jamie. I vocally questioned if she could help someone like me. After about six months, the answer became so clear and it was yes. Jamie worked through my hurt and my frustrations. She listened without judgment. When I gave up, she fought for my healing. Jamie's tenacious spirit allowed me to gradually open up. I am very blessed to have a therapist who is passionate and concerned about my well- being."